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Mirror of Justice Virgin most Powerful, Pray for us

Under the patronage of Our Lady of Guadalupe

As early as is possible Chapter leaders should present what we know about the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe in 16th Century Mexico. It is a good idea to place the events in their historical context, the Aztec atrocities, the person who was Juan Diego, the miracles that took place. Afterwards it would be good to talk also about the various extraordinary phenomena discovered by modern technology and their meaning for the family and the defence of life.

The morning departure

Prayer and useful reminders

It is important to place ourselves once again in the spirit and the theme of the pilgrimage, a walk of prayer and penance. A morning prayer does this most naturally. This prayer can include an offering for the day and a request to God for the graces necessary for us. Prayer for the grace of a first conversion or of a second conversion. Prayer that Gods Justice be respected in our evermore godless societies. Our Lady and the saints who we venerate should be invoked. It is a good idea to announce to the pilgrims the programme for the day and to give them all useful information. Today we ask pilgrims to consider the two virtues of Justice and Fortitude. It will be a good idea to summarise again what are virtues, Morality and the Moral Law. Dont be afraid to ask for a few moments of silence after the morning prayer, and indeed after each meditation.

Early morning

The Virtue of Justice, nature and examples

We now study the virtue of Justice. Once again, start with a presentation that is simple, methodical and illustrated with plenty of examples.

Give a definition that is as clear as possible. Distinguish between Justice in general (synonym of holiness) and justice the virtue (give every one his due). By well chosen examples show the value of this virtue and the importance of cultivating it.

The Ten Commandments should be recalled, these order our duties towards God, ourselves and our neighbour. Prayer puts us in the presence and in the hands of our Creator. Respect for ones neighbour should be invoked. Intellectual honesty, professional honesty, respect for just laws, and above all respect for the lives of the weakest, in particular the unborn and the sick. It can be shown how modern day selfish unrestrained individualism leads to great injustice.

Seminarians and religious are available to add to your meditation with a talk on prayer.

Mid Morning

Speculum Justitiae, ora pro nobis

In the Litany of Loreto, Our Lady is called Mirror of Justice.
Having seen what is the virtue of Justice, we now take the example of Our Lady. Our Lady is the model of perfect obedience to God, which consists of perfect Justice. Our Lady is co-Redemptorist, she helps to give unto God the justice that He is due. Our Lady shows to us the path of obedience to her Son. Do what He tells you. Our Lady of Guadalupe teaches Juan Diego the difficult path to obedience.

Sermon at Mass

Give unto God the things that are Gods (Luke 20 : 25)
Pentecost, birth of the Church, the hope of renewal for ourselves and for our families.

The sermon during Mass will take up again the theme of Justice, concentrating on what we owe God and what we owe the Church for all that we have received from God through Her. The duty of elementary justice that is respect for life and other moral laws, as we have been reminded by recent popes, will likewise be elaborated

Beginning of the Afternoon

The virtue of Fortitude, nature and examples

Once again, a simple, methodical presentation, illustrated with plenty of examples of what is the virtue of Fortitude.
Begin by giving a definition that is as clear as possible. Distinguish the two aspects of Fortitude: the initial commitment and then the patience and perseverance that are needed afterwards.
By well chosen examples for our pilgrims show the value of this virtue and the importance in cultivating it. Personal commitment and its difficulties, the fight for life, the courage to show oneself to be a Christian, to be different.

Middle of the Afternoon

Virgo potens, ora pro nobis

In the Litanies of Our Lady, Mary is called Virgin most Powerful, Tower of David and Help of Christians. We consider in this meditation Our Lady as model of strength at Calvary, where she stood firm, note that she is not unsteady on her feet but standing firm. She wants to help her Son and fulfil her role of co-Redemptorist. She suffers the martyrdom of the soul, without doubt even more painful than the martyrdom of the body. Are we ready to bear witness, going even so far as martyrdom ? The word martyr comes from the Greek word for witness

End of the Afternoon

Daily heroism

The virtue of Fortitude is not always seen in so concrete a form as martyrdom. There is also fortitude in the daily heroism of facing everyday problems, the strength to say no to the morally correct, to stand firm in the little as well as the big difficulties. Here there is real witness to be given. Insist in particular on the fight for human respect. A widespread fault among Catholics is to remain silent when such silence can in fact be close to condoning Evil. Emphasise the Joy there is bearing witness to our faith, in being true to oneself.

As in every year, during the day, and more especially during this meditation, we talk about the evening ceremony of Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and for those who have prepared for it, individual consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Monday 12th May 2008

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