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MONDAY 12th MAY 2008: Mother Most Pure, Pray for Us

Under the patronage of Our Lady of Fatima and following the example of the Blessed Children of Fatima.

Chapter leaders will present as soon as is practical what we know about the apparitions in Fatima. It will be worthwhile to place the events in their historical context, Portugal, the 1st World War, the spread of atheistic criminal Communism. Present what happened, the message of Our Lady, the ensuing reactions, recognition from the Church. Dont forget to mention the political aspect to Our Ladys message. Let the Children of Fatima convince the pilgrims of the necessity of penitence and of praying the rosary.

At the beginning of the day and after a good morning prayer, let us remind ourselves of the main moments from Saturday and Sunday. Today Monday, we complete our journey with the perspective of our return to everyday life. Today is therefore a good day to talk about resolutions and personal commitment. Its a good idea to consider now the ways by which we can tend to the development of virtues in ourselves. As with the day before, right from the start of the march, the Morning Prayer will put your chapters in the spirit of the pilgrimage.

At the start of the March

The virtue of Temperance, nature and examples

We start with a simple, methodical and illustrated presentation, complete with examples, of what is the virtue of Temperance. Give a definition that is as clear as possible.

Temperance helps us to control our passions, our impulses, our desires. It consists of governing the body, being respectful and dignified with the Temple of the Holy Spirit.
With well chosen examples, show the value of this virtue to our pilgrims and the importance there is in avoiding excesses submitting to fashions, the choice of media, the use of television, computers, Internet, what we spend our time on, marketing & advertising that appeals to capital sins, mediocrity, over indulgence in ourselves, our habits, our clothes, music, avoiding silence, disordered use of what is otherwise legitimate, food, cigarettes, alcohol

Middle of the Morning

Mater Purissima, ora pro nobis

Holy Virgin, Mother most pure, Mother most chaste, Mother immaculate, is a model for our temperance. One can comment on those moments where Our Lady could have intervened, where her human nature could have prevailed. Return again to the messages of Lourdes and Fatima.. Penance, Penance, Penance. Our Lady, model of purity, insisted, Pray and do penance. At Fatima she tells us that godless fads, fashions and novelties lead souls to Hell.

End of Morning

The importance of Christian practices in keeping resolutions.

Now as we approach the end of the pilgrimage, to help us cultivate our Temperance, let us follow the two earlier instructions by coming back to the necessity of anchoring our Faith in a Christian lifestyle, in practices, good habits and sacrifices, in guarding our freedom for God, in works of charity. In other words, we have to keep our sights on what is true joy and firmly adopt a rule of life that steers us clear from mediocrity.

It is to be shown the benefits of a rule, a rhythm of prayer both reasonable and regular, together with charitable works and renouncing those habits that prevent us from progressing, habits that may well have become clear to us during this pilgrimage

The following meditation and likewise the sermon at Mass will form the conclusion of our pilgrimage. This will be the occasion for the pilgrims to once again but themselves in the arms of Our Lady

Beginning of the Afternoon

A great sign appeared Apocalypse 12,1

Our personal and private resolutions will not be enough. After having encouraged abortion, our society is now promoting homosexuality and is preparing for euthanasia. It is transforming the family into a model completely at odds with nature. God is waiting for us here as well. Let us meditate again on what has previously been said, encourage the pilgrims to make the effort to instruct and inform themselves and to engage in action. Are we informed enough to defend our position in a conversation on these current events ?

It is vital here to turn to Our Lady. We are in the throes of a formidable combat, the devil against the children of Mary. We must put ourselves under the protection of Our Lady. She herself told us that she is the Immaculate Conception. She is a model of all the virtues and has intervened several times at difficult moments in the History of Humanity.

Everyone must act faithfully wherever he is, fulfilling his civic duty to the state, seeking the common good of the whole Church. Offer up our sufferings, even our failures, keep firm in persecutions . endure illness, trials, scorn . all this will contribute to the victory of Christ and His mother. Our Lady at Fatima assured us, In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph,.

Sermon at Mass

I am the Immaculate Conception

The sermon at Mass will be the last instruction of our pilgrimage. The subject will be Mary, the Immaculate Conception. This will be a general reminder of the mystery and will show how Mary is a model of all the virtues that we have covered in the three days, how she is the highest point of Nature and of Grace. We will consider how she is the one who gives us counsel, guidance and consolation in our trials, fortifies us in our combats. In the History of Man she is the rampart for the defence of life and against the culture of death. Today it is for us to build a new City of the Immaculate.

Chapter Leaders, Religious and Seminarians should also prepare short brief instructions on the rosary, Mass, Penance, the Our Father, vocations and virtues, these as a supplement to the principal meditations and instructions, to be given whenever possible during the three days, at suitable moments and according to the spiritual rhythm of your chapter.

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