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MONDAY 28th MAY 2006: Charity and Mission

Under the patronage of Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey

Under the patronage of Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey, we want to honour a French saint who founded a Religious Teaching Order that helped in the development of countries throughout the five continents of the world. We can hardly do otherwise on this day but revisit some of the points developed last year on the subject of missionary charity.
A presentation of the life of todays patron saint should be made a soon as possible in the day.

At a moment during this day that best seems appropriate, every Chapter Leader will read out an important declaration which will underline for all pilgrims our attachment to apostolic work. This text will be found in the book Dossier de Prparation at the beginning of the texts for Monday.

We remind ourselves of the main moments from Saturday and Sunday. Today Monday, we complete our journey with the perspective of our return to everyday life. Today is therefore a good day to talk about resolutions and personal commitment. Its a good idea to consider the ways by which we can make the best use of the gifts received. The objective of this day is to make, in the sight of God, concrete, practical resolutions that will make of our pilgrimage, not a short brief straw fire of a few days, but a burning furnace that will last and will transform the world. As Pope John Paul II, quoting from Saint Catherine of Sienna, reminded the young people gathered in Rome for the World Youth Days of 2000,
If you were what you are supposed to be you would set the world on fire.
As with the day before, right from the start of the march, the Morning Prayer will put your chapters in the spirit of the pilgrimage.

At the start of the March

Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road ? ( Luke 24 : 32)
The Visitation, the disciples of Emmaus

Our Lady is carrying Jesus and travels across mountains to come to the aid and bring the very life of God to the family of her cousin. Thirty-three years later the disciples, pilgrims on the road to Emmaus, walk in the company of the resurrected Jesus whom they do not recognise immediately. Jesus rekindles their hearts with His teaching. Once they have recognised Him at the breaking of bread they return to Jerusalem to announce the Good News to the apostles.
There is a common point which our pilgrimage should meditate on in these two passages from the Gospel. Our march and our missionary action will only be fruitful if we fill ourselves with the presence of Jesus. Interior life, meditation of the Word of God, are preliminary conditions for all apostolic undertakings, the soul of every apostle. Without that, even if we think we are full of ardour and carried by a strong desire, our apostolic action will be fruitless and in vain.

Middle of the Morning

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28 : 19 )

At the moment of leaving the world, Our Lord instructed His disciples, Go therefore and make disciples of all nations . This command was addressed first of all to the apostles and today it is the Churchs responsibility to continue the mission. The Church wants our collaboration in this large and wonderful enterprise. No one among us can escape his responsibility, we cannot keep Christian joy just for ourselves. What do we do for others ? We will be judged by the love we have shown. We have to see God in each one of our neighbours. for I was hungry and you gave me food (Matthew 25 : 35 )

End of Morning

Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere. Motto of the Dominicans
To study and to hand on the fruits of study.

Great saints such as Saint Dominic, Saint Vincent Ferrier and Saint Francis de Sales travelled the countryside of their day to bring heretics back the true faith. To be a missionary is also to combat errors. When we speak of mission, is it just a simple friendly opening towards others or is it an ardent zeal to win them win to the true faith? Without faith it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11 : 6). Let us ask Our Lady, our patron saints and our guardian angels, to help us defend the truth through a solid education, a strong willingness and a great gentleness.

Beginning of the Afternoon

The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few, pray therefore the Lord of the harvest (Luke 10 : 2)
And if God is calling me ?

A great many missionaries throughout the centuries have taken up the mission of the apostles. They also had to leave country, family and loved ones for the greater glory of God.
Where does our march to Chartres take us ? Certainly beyond Chartres. We have all heard the call from God to follow in the footsteps of those who have preceded us, starting with Abraham and up to the heroes and missionaries of today. For certain among us there is perhaps an even more decisive call for a total giving to Christ in a priestly or religious vocation. Let us pray that the Lord sends workers to the harvest and that these workers respond with generosity. No one who puts his hand to the plough and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God. (Luke 9 : 62)
Once again, seminarians and religious are at your disposition to speak on this subject. Dont hesitate to ask them.

Sermon at Mass

Its the whole world that has to be rebuilt from its very foundations, the savage has to be made human and the human divine, that is to say according to the heart of God
Pius XII, 10th February 1952

Its time to give thanks for this pilgrimage and for the other 24 pilgrimages that went before, for all the good that we have benefited from, for all the graces received, lives re-centred, turning points taken, good confessions, vocations discerned, solid marriages. Its also a moment to set out once more with a generous giving of oneself to the Church and to our countries for the conversion of the world. The outlook for the coming 25 years is no less encouraging than 25 years ago. We place the coming years in the hands of Our Lady. She alone has conquered all the heresies Cunctas haereses sola interemisti (Liturgy)

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